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One Man One Vote

by Steve Burgess

Recently at 2016 Labour conference the NEC was hijacked by the outgoing
NEC members acting through Paddy Lillis. Paddy, in violation of the
rules and therefore the law by denying a card vote to delegates
demanding one, simply bundled an unpopular rule change with around a
dozen very popular rule changes. The unpopular rule change added two
Blairites to the supreme NEC which decides almost everything in
Labour,including the critical element of who is selected as a
parliamentary candidate.

The Corbynite majority got confused and eventually didnt oppose the
bundled stack of proposals. Eventually, The proposed bundle passed with
a majority, meaning that the party officialscould now claim theyd been
passed by conference. Given that the process had been unlawful, this
means that conference had acted beyond its powers when itratified these
constitutional changes.
However, the party is stillrpetending these rules are lawful because
noone has opposedthem in court.

This means that hundreds of thousands of votes cast in the NEC elections
were effectively overruled. 2 corbyn opponents who were votedoff the NEc
have now been illegitimately added by two unelected, unlawful NEC members.

Imagine if on the finalday ofparliament, after losing an election, the
toriesused their majority to add more tories to parliament before the
new parliament took office. That is pretty much what happened here.

It makes it clear that the democracy in the party is a sham.

That is not to say that all is lost. Many members of the NEC are
elected. If Corbynites can elect more Corbyn supporters to the NEC,
shifting illegitimate members who engaged in smear campaigns like
Jasmine Beckett from the NEC and replacing them with Corbynite NEC
members. The CLPD are t the forefront of helping Jeremy and John
McDonnell perform this vital work and its criticalthat people up and
down the country help them do it.

However, Its not only important to try to rsurrect Labour’s democracy,
its also important to prepare forthe possibility that it cant be saved.
In that event, the Labour party is merely a mechanism for hijacking
peoples naive enthusiasmfor Corbyn while deying them meaningful
participation in decision making and candiate selection.

Therefore we need new structures, fully democratic ones, to unite people
inside OR outside the party, and highlight where people have not won a
legitimate democratic mandate quickly, responding to members changing
views, encouraging compromise and discrouraging the endless splits the
left is known for.

FUll OMOV with recall powers seems to be a sensible unifier to me.

Heres a proposed constitution which work as well as a Labour
constitution as it would as a momentum constitution. 
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